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Project Solution

  • Structural Design

    Guang Li have over 20 staffs in R & D department, they are mainly focus on develop and build up new project. They will figure out all the solution about the display, then layout a sketch to make sure is it enough to satisfy customer. In the project beginning, we have consider all the possibility will not be occurs, such as: capacity, size limitation, loading quantity or instruction etc. We are hopping customer can get a satisfy from the beginning(Inquiry-delivery to store) to the end of our full services.

  • Receive Artwork

    After receive the confirmation from the client, we would send the sample die-cut to the client and wait for them to design artwork> Client send artwork can through by 4 different methods: FTP Server, Web-Cloud(We-transfer), CD & USB, or use messanger(SKYPE, MSN,QQ to transfer)

  • Digital Color Printing

    Digital Printing mainly use for color sample and match with offset color printing machine color. We have owned 1 HPZ6200 digital printing machine and 1 EPSON PRO9800 printing machine. We will print out color proof and send to client to make sure the color is correct or not, A part of 1C area, we need to get pantone no. to process.

  • Color Sample

    Color sample is a final step before mass production, we will use digital printing to print out color paper and stick in the white sample. The proposes is check the color, graphic position overall outlook is correct or not. We will also build up a color effective sketch to customer make a final confirmation.

  • Printing Down (Ctcp)

    GuangLi have owned 1 CTCP UV-setter, the strengthens is do not need any film also can exposure in PS plate. And the resolution, color contrast, dot, imaging results compared to traditional film output, it has greatly improved. Our offset printing can match our digital Color proofing nearly 80%.

  • Printing

    GuangLi have owned 3 Man-Roland 800 offset printing machine, 2 is 4 color printing, and other one is 2color printing. The maximum printing area is: 1.2m x 1.6m, which can be satisfies customer large printing request, and cannot increase the cost, 4C, we will follow digital printing, 1C, will according pantone no. books Furthermore, other printing materials(300G CCNB, printing ink or chemical also pass through national health and safety standard, paper and ink could be 100% recycle.

  • Surface Processing

    We have 4 different surface processes: 1. glossy laminate, matt laminate, UV Varnish, Aqueous Varnish Surface Processing: Brightness Cost Projection Glossy laminate High glossy High High Matt laminate Low(matt) High High UV Varnish Normal glossy Normal Normal Aqueous Varnish Normal Low Low

  • Laminating

    GuangLi have owned one 5layer Corrugated cardboard production line, all the cardboard can produce by ourselves, don't need purchase from outside that we could control the quality and time management

  • Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser Cutting is one of the High-Tech department in our company, We have 3 machines in total, it is used for cutting wooden plate, acrylic, paper, plastic and metal materials. Large area precision cutting mechanical movement system can guarantee smoothness and flatness of cut cross section.

  • Die Cutting

    Die-Cutting process is one of the important process in Display, we have employed 20staffs in this department to maintain daily work and improve the working skills. We have totally owned 10 die-cutting machine and one full-automatic die-cutting machine, the large cutting area:1.5mx2.5m

  • Assembing/Packing

    GuangLi have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate on October 3, issued by HKQAA, 2001; In our company's internal controls, all process from material, corrugated cardboard, die-cutting, printing etc. until delivery also have inspection, we aimed to ensure our quality is the best and no mistake, inspection standards to: GB/T2828.1-2003 normal inspection of a sample program test level II, Major AQL = 1.0, Minor AQL = 4.0 We typically have 2 packing methods: Flat-packing into 1 carton box with setup instruction. Half/Full Assemble with master carton,

  • Distributing to Supermarkets

    GuangLi have owned 3 trucks(5tones) to deliver the goods, this is free to deliver within Guangdong province. We have a long-term partnerships to delivery to goods to all over the world that we can proof our goods is safely and speedy arrive customer request space. The product will finally arrive every store and finally bring a big-profit to all customer and achieve the final POP display aim.