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What we are



Profession in Display Stand

 Our company obtained the registration of GLPOP® Trade Mark nationally and internationally. Many kinds of our displays and its accessories are awarded the patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.


Own OEM Production line Factory

Our fully equipped and fully reinforced company has established in 80 decades and has operated paper products design and printing for more than 30 years. Among our 38000 square meters factory, plant and warehouse occupied 16000 square meters and we reserve some land for future development.


High Technology Machine

We have large printing area of Offset Printing Machine, UV Coating Machine, Super outsize CTcP UV-Setter (So we can print without film and without dimension restriction), Coating Machine, Laser Die-Mould Cutter, Fully Automatic Die-cutting Platen, Giant Die-cutting Platen, Corrugated Cardboard Production Line and Flexo Printing Machine. They are all high-tech machines which can manufacture outsize displays and also displays of sophisticated designs as well as packaging box.


Quality Control

All production process can be finished by our own factory and no outsourced production is needed. Therefore, we can monitor the achieved percentage of scheduled progress and the quality of products anytime to go a step further to increase the production efficiency and quality control.